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Jim Beaver – Toronto – May 2014

Jim Beaver is an actor, writer, and heck of a nice guy.

He has been in Toronto filming Crimson Peak, a period tale directed by Guillermo del Toro. As a fan of Jim’s work and being interested in this project, I read his insightful online postings of his time here in the city and on set.

However, when I read that he was wrapping up, I knew a window was closing, so I asked Jim if I could photograph him. He was wonderfully obliging.

Although our plan was one of light pencil with a thankful twist of pen and ‘lets do this’…I hopped in a cab and made my way.

We met in the lobby. Jim’s frame was more towering than I anticipated and welcoming as we smiled and embraced. Being a fan of a good hug, I stopped thinking, ‘I’m hugging Jim Beaver!’ to ‘This is a good hug.’

I suggested we walk over to the neighbouring park. The sun was filtered, the temperature was pleasant, the benches were empty. As we walked, we chatted. His voice; it was timeless and perfect. The voice of a man you want on your side. And here he was walking beside me (Idjit tshirt n’all!)

After all our past brief virtual conversations, after reading all his stories, I told him that I felt I was meeting an old acquaintance. He smiled and agreed.

We sat on a bench and I started to get my camera out, as well as his book. “I have a pen!” he brightly stated. Adorable. He signed, I took photos, we talked. I had to remind myself to keep taking photos as his story-telling makes you want to pay attention.

Sometimes it can be risky meeting someone you admire, as disappointment can creep in and sully things. This did not happen.

Rather, I met a nice, honest, genuine guy, and that’s quite a thing.
Thanks, Jim.