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I have always been a fan of Honest Ed’s signs. There is something classic to the font, the paint, the handmade uniqueness of each one. I often thought that if they taught a course, I would be in line! As it is, I was in a line, a very long line, to purchase one of those signs recently.

Who knew that so many people would have the same idea. Certainly, the management of Honest Ed’s and their one cashier didn’t!

Alas, after many, many hours, developing friendships with strangers, and hanging out after hours in one of the most colourful department stores in Toronto, I acquired these gems…CWilkieI’m hoping that if they have another sale I get the classic “Fancy Panties” or a “Toque” to go with my “Canada Scarves”.

Thanks Honest Ed’s for selling me pots and pans for my first TO apartment and for being uniquely you! We’ll miss you when you’re gone.