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There is often a moment in learning something new when you are inclined to run back into your comfort zone and say; ‘I’m fine here, thx, go ahead without me.’ This is often pared with a nauseous feeling of dread. Alas, if we stayed in that comfort zone, we would not evolve; not as people or artists.

C.WilkieToday, I took my second workshop of the week. Yup, I’m in studious mode! It was a watercolour class that focused on creating glowing-like lights. Since light is so key to so much of what I do, this seemed a good workshop to take. And although I have been playing with my watercolours a lot lately, I was still tripped up with the fear of …’Oh god! I’m going to frak it up and I haven’t even dipped my brush yet!’ So, I breathed, relaxed, and thought; ‘frak it…just play!’ Basically, I reminded myself of my own advice…which, btw, totally worked.

The instructor was pleasant and informative. The group was small and focused. The atmosphere was ideal. I left learning a few tricks (mad skills in the works), remembering how awful quality watercolour paper smells (wet farm dog-ish) but is worth it, and that you should trust your instincts. If you think you should stop; stop.

As for painting my rocket-ships; don’t see that stoping anytime soon.