Shine on


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I gasped when I read the news this evening.
I had never met Robin Williams, but like for so many, he was part of my life; from Mork to so much more.
He was a magical star that glittered with laughter.
Maintaining such a shimmer is an epic challenge when depression is present.
Please, if you are sad, tell someone. Talk. Be.
Let’s shine on like crazy diamonds.


A Genuine Fella


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Jim Beaver – Toronto – May 2014

Jim Beaver is an actor, writer, and heck of a nice guy.

He has been in Toronto filming Crimson Peak, a period tale directed by Guillermo del Toro. As a fan of Jim’s work and being interested in this project, I read his insightful online postings of his time here in the city and on set.

However, when I read that he was wrapping up, I knew a window was closing, so I asked Jim if I could photograph him. He was wonderfully obliging.

Although our plan was one of light pencil with a thankful twist of pen and ‘lets do this’…I hopped in a cab and made my way.

We met in the lobby. Jim’s frame was more towering than I anticipated and welcoming as we smiled and embraced. Being a fan of a good hug, I stopped thinking, ‘I’m hugging Jim Beaver!’ to ‘This is a good hug.’

I suggested we walk over to the neighbouring park. The sun was filtered, the temperature was pleasant, the benches were empty. As we walked, we chatted. His voice; it was timeless and perfect. The voice of a man you want on your side. And here he was walking beside me (Idjit tshirt n’all!)

After all our past brief virtual conversations, after reading all his stories, I told him that I felt I was meeting an old acquaintance. He smiled and agreed.

We sat on a bench and I started to get my camera out, as well as his book. “I have a pen!” he brightly stated. Adorable. He signed, I took photos, we talked. I had to remind myself to keep taking photos as his story-telling makes you want to pay attention.

Sometimes it can be risky meeting someone you admire, as disappointment can creep in and sully things. This did not happen.

Rather, I met a nice, honest, genuine guy, and that’s quite a thing.
Thanks, Jim.


A Sign from Honest Ed’s


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I have always been a fan of Honest Ed’s signs. There is something classic to the font, the paint, the handmade uniqueness of each one. I often thought that if they taught a course, I would be in line! As it is, I was in a line, a very long line, to purchase one of those signs recently.

Who knew that so many people would have the same idea. Certainly, the management of Honest Ed’s and their one cashier didn’t!

Alas, after many, many hours, developing friendships with strangers, and hanging out after hours in one of the most colourful department stores in Toronto, I acquired these gems…CWilkieI’m hoping that if they have another sale I get the classic “Fancy Panties” or a “Toque” to go with my “Canada Scarves”.

Thanks Honest Ed’s for selling me pots and pans for my first TO apartment and for being uniquely you! We’ll miss you when you’re gone.

A Picturesque Thanksgiving


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C.WilkieThe weather was ideal for the annual Autumnal family portrait of my brother, sis-in-law, and nephew. This years request was for water in the background. That was easy to find, back home. Alas, lots of people were enjoying the weather there too. With a polite word and clever framing, we were able to situate ourselves on a small dock we ended up sharing with a family fishing. The additional challenge was to pull focus back from a five year old boy watching others with worms and bugs.  He’s such a boy!